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Related post: RENEGADES OUTLAWS CHAPTER 38 RENEGADES OUTLAWS By Pink Panther All the usual disclaimers apply. Well this is it, guys, the final chapter. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. hot young sluts And as you’ve followed the story all the way through, I’d really appreciate it if you’d send me a note telling me what you think. Please send your comments to and I’ll reply as soon as I can. CHAPTER THIRTY EIGHT It was late June; the summer term was drawing to a close. Tommy followed Josh upstairs to his bedroom, closing the door behind them. “Well, birthday boy,” he said gently, drawing Josh towards him. “What does it feel like to finally be a teenager?” “Much the same as being twelve, actually,” Josh said smirking, “but that was pretty good.” “The last three months have been the best of my life,” Tommy said gently. “And that’s mainly down to you. I don’t know how I’d have got through all that shit if you hadn’t been there for me.” “Well that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?” Josh said, playfully undoing Tommy’s school tie. “You and me, yeah?” “Yeah,” Tommy agreed, “you and me.” They sensuously undressed each other, finally stretching out naked on Josh’s bed, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. At last they pulled apart, looking directly into each other’s eyes. “You’re the most amazing kid I ever met,” Tommy breathed. “And you’re not bad yourself, Tommy Shaw,” Josh responded, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Over the next ten minutes they kissed, they sucked, they fondled. It was all totally spontaneous, thought completely unnecessary. Eventually they stretched out again, lying on their sides facing each other. “Are you going to give me a special birthday present?” Josh whispered, licking Tommy’s nose. “What?” Tommy enquired. “You know!” Josh said mischievously, taking Tommy’s fingers and running them along his crack. “Your dad said we weren’t to do that,” Tommy said cautiously. “Come on!” Josh protested. “It is my birthday!” Tommy hesitated. It was Chris, Josh’s dad, who had tipped them the wink that it would be okay to ‘mess around’ as long as they made sure they didn’t get caught; Chris too who’d suggested that they paint Tommy’s room and provided all the materials, guessing correctly that it would help his mum to see Josh in a much more favourable light. It had been Chris who had not only taken him to the cricket nude young chinese club, but paid for all his equipment so he wouldn’t feel out of place; Chris who had invited him and Daniel to accompany them on holiday. Most Fresh young girl important of all, it had been Chris who had been there to back him up when he’d come out to his mum. He felt bad about letting the man down. “Just this once,” Josh tempted. “I promise I won’t ask again.” “Yeah, okay,” Tommy agreed, lust and Josh’s insistent persuasion getting the better of him. “You got a condom?” “No condoms,” Josh said, grinning. “I want to do it properly, like we used to.” Tommy eyed him warily. “It’s okay,” Josh assured him. “You’ve been checked out; so have I. It’s cool!” He produced a tube of KY, handing it to Tommy. “Get on all fours!” Tommy whispered. “I’m gonna lick you first!” Josh quickly got into position, gasping with pleasure as Tommy’s tongue began to lap at his pucker. It pushed inside. “Oh, man!” Josh groaned. “I’ve missed this so much!” A well-lubed finger was inserted into his anus, making him gasp. After some gentle finger-fucking, a second finger joined the first. He winced. “You’re very tight,” Tommy cautioned. “Are you gonna be alright?” “It’s okay,” Josh responded. “I’ve been petite young tgp practising! Just give it a few seconds.” Very slowly, Josh’s sphincter began to relax. Tommy allowed his fingers to slide out. “So how d’you want it?” he asked. “You know!” Josh answered, pulling neil young harvest a pillow into the middle of the bed and covering it with an old towel. He lay face down on top, his legs spread apart. “You were all prepared then!” Tommy commented, smearing lube over his cock. “Yeah!” Josh confirmed. “I knew you wouldn’t say no!” “You’ll get me shot,” Tommy growled, lowering himself into position. With one determined thrust he was inside. “Ahhhh!” Josh groaned. “You okay?” Tommy asked. “Yeah,” Josh moaned. “Do it, man! Get it right in!” Tommy pressed down, sinking his cock deeper and deeper into Josh’s tight tunnel until the boy was fully impaled. After a moment to steady himself, he began to fuck with long, powerful thrusts. Josh moaned quietly, almost delirious with pleasure, Tommy’s heart pounding against his spine, the boy’s warm, musky breath swirling around his face and that beautiful hard cock driving relentlessly over his prostate. Several minutes passed, the intensity becoming almost unbearable. Suddenly he could hardly breathe. He shuddered from head to toe, his legs flailing wildly, his fingers clawing at the mattress. “Tommeeee!!” he gasped. “Oh fuck! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!!!” young sexs girls His throbbing penis jerked into action, little jets of boy-cum squirting onto the towel. Tommy began to thrust with added urgency. Just a few more strokes and he was there too, his spunk spurting deep into Josh’s rectum. After several seconds, he carefully withdrew. “Oh, Tommy!” Josh young bitches porn breathed, still struggling for air. “Man! That was awesome!” “And if you’re a really good boy,” Tommy whispered right into Josh’s ear, “in a year’s time we’ll do it all over again.” 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 Ryan and Ashley got off the coach bringing them back from the school’s final athletics match of the season. It was by some margin the most important. Their opponents were two similar schools from around the city, Queen Elizabeth’s and Willingford, and the match was held at the Westgate Harriers track, a far better facility than the grass tracks that the schools had. They were both feeling pretty good about things. For the first time in several years, they’d actually won, with both of them making useful contributions; Ashley winning the Year Seven fifteen hundred metres and Ryan finishing second in the Year Seven discus. And that was not all. Over the previous few days they’d received the results of their end of year exams. Ryan had finished in the top three in all his classes, actually top in maths if one discounted the two ‘super-brains’. For his part, Ashley had finished comfortably inside the top young grils half in every class apart from maths, where he was twentieth out of thirty, but as he, like Ryan, was in the elite top group, that young white girls was no mean achievement. They began the walk home. “You ran fantastic today,” Ryan commented. “You just destroyed them.” “Yeah, I’m going really well at the moment,” Ashley agreed. “And it’s great having you on the team; it spurs me on somehow. And you did well too, considering you’d never even seen a discus before the start of this term.” “You seem to beat Jacob all the time now,” Ryan young masterbation sex added. “Yeah, well he hasn’t started growing up yet,” Ashley explained. “You’ve seen him in the showers; he’s still . . . , you know.” “Tiny,” Ryan said, grinning. “Well, pretty small anyway,” Ashley said, giggling. “But he’ll catch me up; that’s what dad says, so I still need to work on my young teen masturbating finishing speed. Looking forward to the gig?” “Yeah, man!” Ryan breathed. “It’s gonna be rockin’! The next few days are gonna be mental, with the gig young girls ing on Friday and the concert at school next Tuesday.” “Wanna top youngest pussy sleep over at mine after the gig?” Ashley suggested. “I’ll ask mum. I’m sure it’ll be okay.” “Yeah, cool!” Ryan enthused. “We haven’t done that for weeks.” 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 Mark and Peter flopped down on the sofa. Peter handed Mark his school report. Mark scanned through it. Effort grades young naturalist galleries of ‘A’ and ‘B’, and words such as ‘substantial improvement’ ran all the way through it. “You’ve done amazingly well,” Mark said warmly. “When we started this, I never dreamed you’d have done young dead actors as well as you have.” “Mum was shocked,” Peter said, grinning. “She couldn’t understand how I’d done it.” He paused. “But I wouldn’t have done nothin’ if it hadn’t been for you and the others, especially Josh. He’s unbelievable. People think he’s soft, yeah, but he’s not. He’s not a bully exactly, but he’s much tougher with me than you or Tommy, and he’s wicked at explaining stuff. If he says I’m goin’ to do somethin’, I know I’ve got to do it.” “Well you can be very proud of what you’ve achieved,” Mark said quietly, “both in class and at the athletics club.” “The athletics club’s been great,” Peter enthused. “I love it! I can’t think why I never wanted to do it; I must have been stupid.” “Not at all,” Mark said reassuringly. “It was taking you right out of your comfort zone, away from everything you were used to. That’s thai young always hard. And you’ve got a new young teens 14 girlfriend too, I hear.” “Yeah!” Peter breathed, a grin right across his face. “Alison’s gorgeous; she does the same events as me, hurdles and high jump; we train together, yeah? And her mum and dad like me.” “That’s great,” Mark said, smiling back. “She seems a big change from your young nude asians last one.” “Well, we’re not havin’ sex, if that’s what you mean,” Peter said, “She’s not ready for it yet. But it’s cool, yeah? She’s still my girlfriend.” “Sure,” Mark responded. “If you’re happy; that’s all that matters.” “So when are we gonna have sex?” Peter asked, grinning mischievously. “I’ve even put my sexy underpants on for you.” “Are you sure it’s what you want?” Mark queried. “Aren’t you supposed to be straight?” “Yeah,” Peter said, screwing his face up, “I am, but I still want to . . . , you know. Is that weird, then?” “No. It’s pretty unusual,” Mark said, “but there’s nothing weird about it. As long young incest teenie as you’re sure that’s what you want.” Peter reached across, placing Mark’s hand on the front of his jeans, directly over his erect penis. “What does that tell you?” he asked. “It tells me that you’re a very horny boy who wants sex right now,” Mark said quietly. “Come on, I can’t say you haven’t earned it. I know how hard you’ve had to work.” “Weren’t easy for you either, topsite young girls was it?” Peter said, smirking. “I’ve seen the way you look at me sometimes, and you can’t have forgotten the great sex we had.” “No, I guess I didn’t hide it too well,” Mark responded, smiling. “Keeping my hands off you these past few weeks was very hard. But it was the right thing to do.” “Yeah, well there’s no need for that now, is there? Peter said, grinning.” Mark shepherded Peter into his bedroom. Carefully and sensuously he set about undressing the boy. “God, you’re beautiful!” he breathed as Peter’s top came off to reveal his smooth, creamy white skin. Peter’s jeans quickly followed. His long, slim legs were absolute perfection, his hard cock stretching up higher than the waistband shocking young nudes of his briefs. Mark sensuously pulled them down, exposing the boy’s slim four and a half inch penis, the head completely exposed, a few pubic hairs beginning to put in an appearance. “Beautiful cock!” he cooed, sinking to his knees. “So can you cum now?” “Been able to for months,” Peter said, grinning. Mark closed his lips over Peter’s hard spike, sucking it right down to the root, running his tongue all over the small, shiny head. His hand caressed the inside of Peter’s thighs, sliding steadily upwards until his fingers were stroking the boy’s perineum. Very gently, Mark pushed his hand deeper between Peter’s legs, his middle finger homing in on the lad’s puckered entrance. “Oh, yeah!” Peter groaned. “You do it good, man!” Mark let him go. He looked up, smiling and licking his lips. After quickly undressing, He drew Peter onto the bed. They snuggled up, his arms wrapped around Peter’s back. Peter reached down, running his fingers over Mark’s cock. “I bet you’re lookin’ forward to gettin’ this up me again,” he ventured. “Of course I am,” he confirmed, “but there’s no rush; we’ve got plenty of time. And just keep working like you have been and you can have it whenever you want.” “Cool!” Peter said, licking his lips invitingly. “That’ll be every week then!” Mark took his time, savouring the moment. He remembered what Ryan had told him about Ashley getting them all sticky. In just a few short minutes, that was exactly what Peter would do. But they’d build up to that. He massaged Peter’s shoulders, drawing him into a full-on lip-lock, their tongues intertwined, the aroma of hot, sexy boy driving him almost insane. The kiss ended. Peter immediately went down on him without even being asked. It was exquisite, sex at its most instinctive, simply going where their desires took them. After a couple of minutes they swapped over, Mark expertly returning the favour, his well-lubed finger working its way into Peter’s anus. “Wow!” Mark breathed. “You’re very tight. Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” “No problem!” Peter responded. “I still know how to take it.” Mark inserted a second finger, carefully working the two fingers round to loosen the boy’s sphincter. “Still want it on your back?” Mark enquired. “Yeah, sure!” Peter told him. He smeared KY over Mark’s cock. They got into position, Mark guiding his cock onto young galeries its target. He pushed hard, entering the boy at the first attempt. Peter looked up, grinning. Mark pressed steadily forwards, his cock slowly disappearing into the boy’s rectum. “You okay?” he asked. “Yeah!” Peter confirmed. “Come on! Do it, man!” Mark worked his trunk down between Peter’s thighs, their lips meeting in another passionate kiss. Within seconds, everything became a blur, both of them completely absorbed in the experience. Peter was almost delirious with pleasure, the tingling in his penis reaching unprecedented levels. He bucked violently, his head thrown involuntarily to one side. A moment later his penis jerked into life, his spunk squirting onto his tummy. “You sexy boy!” Mark growled. “You’ve made us all sticky!” He continued his thrusting, fucking the boy harder than ever. In less than a minute, his orgasm hit. “Oh, fuck!” he moaned. “I’m gonna cum!” “Do it!” Peter pleaded. “Fill me up!” Mark plunged in one last time, prodigious amounts of semen flooding into Peter’s bowels. They lay as they were for what seemed like ages, their breathing slowly returning to normal. Finally, Mark gently withdrew. “So how was that?” young girl movie he asked, smiling. “Wicked, man!” Peter responded, smiling ecstatically. “I can feel all your spunk inside me.” “And you like that, don’t you?” Mark prompted. “Yeah, man!” Peter breathed. “It’s like nothin’ else!” 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 The Fireblade gig was a triumph, the theatre hall packed with enthusiastic young fans well before they went onstage. With more rehearsal time and more stage experience, yet again they took things to another level; the music had a harder edge, their performance even more teenage swagger. In particular, the two new songs gave Ryan brief solo opportunities which he exploited beautifully. Mark, Rachel, Jack and Jack’s parents stood together at the back of the hall, revelling in the performance. Jack’s father, himself a former muzo, was ecstatic, applauding enthusiastically after every song. “They’re bloody amazing for kids their age!” he declared. “I played till I was twenty two; I was never in a band this good! They’re fantastic.” Chris and Kate stood a few feet away, hands joined, drinking it all in. Although Josh wasn’t the star on stage, his contribution, alongside Greg and Damian, was enormous. Finally it was over, the young crowd beginning to disperse. “Why I never wanted to come to this sort of thing before, I can’t imagine,” Chris said quietly, nuzzling Kate’s ear. “Well, we’ll get to do it all over again next Wednesday,” Kate reminded him, referring to the classical concert at which Josh would be playing. “Actually, I’m looking forward to that one even more,” Chris said, smiling. “Me too!” Kate joked. “We’ll actually get to youngest cunt sit down!” Tommy trotted across to them, his face glowing. “They were wicked, weren’t they?” he bubbled, almost too excited to get the words out. “They did superbly,” Kate agreed. “Right at the moment, we’re very proud parents” They had a great deal to be proud of. In addition to his musical youngest movies achievements, academically Josh had done superbly. They were proud of Tommy too; he’d done outstandingly well, both in class and on the cricket field, thanks in no small measure to the support that they and Josh had given him. “Next Wednesday,” Tommy asked, “will it be alright if mum comes along? She says she’d really like to hear Josh play.” “Of course it is!” Kate said warmly. “We’d love to see her.” Back in the band-room, the boys relaxed a while, swigging down iced water. Finally, they changed into their street clothes before wandering out into the auditorium. Ryan spotted Ashley waiting with Rachel and the rest of the gang. He sauntered over to them. Jack’s father descended on him, shaking his hand, an arm clasped round fuck very young his shoulder. “That was brilliant!” the man congratulated, “absolutely outstanding! I wish I could have played like that!” “Thanks!” Ryan said appreciatively. It meant a lot. Having played in bands himself, the man understood what it took to play as ebony young girls well as they had. Mark strolled across, putting his arm round Ryan’s shoulder. “Another superb performance,” he said quietly. “You can be very proud of that. I’ll be interested to see what you can do next Tuesday.” “Should be good,” Ryan said, grinning. “The rehearsals have gone okay.” “I’ll be there!” Mark assured him. It was time to go. “The four of us are off out to dinner,” Rachel intervened, indicating herself, Jack and Jack’s parents. “Mark will take you home so that you can put your things away, then he’ll drop you off at Ashley’s.” After stashing Ryan’s equipment in the boot of the Mercedes, Mark took Ryan and Ashley to Rachel’s house, taking the stuff to Ryan’s bedroom. He’d have loved to have had sex with the two of them before they left, but it was too late in the evening; further delay might have prompted awkward questions. They headed off to Ashley’s, arriving at quarter to eleven. For Ryan, it had been a very long day. After normal classes in the morning, he’d rehearsed with the jazz group at lunchtime. He’d been young black males excused afternoon classes good die young so that he could go to the High School for the sound-check, returning to the grammar school young porno russian in time for a final rehearsal with the school band. He was very tired. After a cup of tea, he and Ashley headed straight upstairs to bed. As usual, he took the bed while Ashley used a blow-up mattress on the floor next to him. But tired as he was, the adrenalin was still flowing and sleep refused to come. He lay there, replaying the evening’s performance over and over in his head. They’d never played better; he’d never played better and the reception they’d received had been nothing short of tumultuous. It was long after midnight before he felt Ashley slipping in next to younger teen thumbs him. The warmth and closeness of Ashley’s body were exactly what he needed. Within a couple of minutes he was fast asleep, Ashley’s head resting on his chest. When he woke it was already light. Ashley was smiling at him. “What’s the time?” Ryan asked. “Half past five,” Ashley said. “You sleep okay?” “Great!” Ryan acknowledged. “I always do when I’m with you.” They snuggled closer, kissing sensuously. Underwear was quickly discarded. They fondled, they sucked, steadily building towards the inevitable conclusion. Ashley handed Ryan the tube of KY. Ryan squeezed some onto his fingers, working it carefully into Ashley’s bum. “You ready?” he whispered, smearing KY over his cock. “Yeah!” Ashley breathed. “I want to try something different. Lie on your back!” Ryan did as he was asked. Ashley knelt across his chest, gently lowering himself until he was almost sitting on Ryan’s tummy. He reached down, guiding Ryan’s cock onto his pucker. Ashley took a deep breath and pushed down hard, gasping as it slipped inside him. He continued to sink downwards until he’d taken younger tiy fuck the whole thing, five and half inches long and three inches round, more than impressive on a boy who was still several weeks short of his thirteenth birthday. “Pull your knees up!” Ashley instructed. Ryan raised his knees so that his feet were flat on the bed, Ashley leaning forwards in response. Ryan reached up, drawing him in. They kissed passionately. Instinctively, Ryan thrust his cock hard into Ashley’s bum. The kissed, they fucked, this ultimate act of intimacy the only reality they were aware of. Ryan had not ejaculated for two days, and after several hours sleep he was more than ready. “I’m cumming!” he groaned. “Oh, Jesus!” He pushed down on Ashley’s thighs, his cock swelling and pulsing, his semen flooding into Ashley’s bum. Finally he was done. Ashley sat upright. younger girls pictures Lying beneath him, Ryan was smiling beatifically, his chest rising and falling. Ashley lifted himself clear. He shuffled forwards, guiding his slim four inch cock into Ryan’s waiting mouth. It was young naturist cunt over in seconds, Ryan slurping and swallowing as Ashley’s boy-juice splashed onto his tongue. After a few seconds, Ashley eased away, flopping down next to Ryan. “Man, that was awesome!” Ryan whispered. “What gave you the idea of doing it like that?” “Dunno,” Ashley confessed, slipping his underpants back on, “just thought we could try it. I know you liked it; you shot loads! And I loved cumming in your mouth!” He reset the alarm on his wristwatch. Moments later, they’d dozed off in each other’s arms. 0 o young sex slaves 0 o 0 o 0 After a most enjoyable hour at the swimming pool, the gang headed for the changing room. It wasn’t long before Tommy was ready to go. Changing directly opposite him, Ashley, who had been engaged in Hott young actors an animated conversation with Mark, was still naked. Just at that moment he turned towards the bench, bending down to slip on his underpants. Tommy swallowed hard. He’d just had confirmed what he’d long suspected; Ashley was being fucked. The previous night, Ryan had slept over at Ashley’s house; that’s when they must have done it. It was hardly a surprise; the kid had an arse to die for. Tommy became instantly erect. He hurried into the toilets, locking himself into one of the stalls. He attempted to open the front of his cargo shorts, his fingers pressing against his stiff penis. That was all it took, his spunk shooting almost spontaneously into his boxers. He sank down onto the toilet, his head spinning. Was he really going to be able to wait a whole year before fucking Josh again? If Ryan and Ashley could fuck, why couldn’t they? 0 o 0 o 0 young lesb o 0 Ryan’s Tuesday afternoon was given over to preparing free young nudes for the concert. After collecting his very youngs pussy equipment from the store in the music room, he took it to Big School and began to set up. “What’s that?” the pianist demanded, viewing Ryan’s stage amplifier with a look of hostility. I hope you’re not going to play too loud!” “No,” Ryan said quietly, “when I’m playing rhythm I’ll be no louder than I usually am, but this gives me a warmer, fuller sound for my solos. There’s no point in taking one if people can’t hear what I’m playing.” The older boy eyed him youngest boys nudes suspiciously, clearly not happy with the explanation. Mark and Rachel arrived at the Grammar School at ten past seven. Big School was already filling up. They found seats together around halfway back. Josh and Ashley was sitting with a group of boys several rows in front of them. Mark studied the programme. The first half of the concert was devoted to solo performances, including Ryan playing ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine’ on his classical guitar. The second half comprised two works performed by the string quartet, a performance by the jazz sextet of Branford Marsalis’ theme tune for the Spike nude young romanian Lee film ‘Mo’ Better Blues’ and four tunes from the school band. Ryan was the youngest of the solo performers by young panties portal fully two years, the next youngest being a violinist from Year Nine. The concert began promptly at half past with a solo piano piece from a boy in Year Ten. It set the bar very high. The performance from the Year Nine violinist was of an equally high standard. Then it was Ryan’s turn. Playing solo on such a quiet instrument in so large a hall would have been a daunting prospect for many young players, but Ryan pulled it of beautifully, his moody, atmospheric performance holding the audience spellbound. He’d acquitted himself well, receiving a generous round of applause. During the interval, Mark stood up to stretch his legs. A man that he vaguely recognised was heading towards them. “Good evening!” the man said brightly, “Paul Stephens, head of Stainmoor Primary. Good evening Mrs. Clark!” he added, spotting Rachel still in her seat. “I thought I might see you here. I always like to come to this. I’ve got a few former pupils performing; it’s always nice to see how they’re getting on.” “Great!” Mark said warmly, “good to meet you again.” “Ryan’s our only soloist this year,” Paul went on. “He seems to be doing very well. I always knew he would.” “Yeah, he’s doing okay,” Mark said cautiously. “I’m reserving judgement until I’ve heard the jazz sextet; that will be the real test for him.” “Well, must get back to my seat,” Paul said, smiling. “They’ll be starting again in a minute.” A few minutes later, the concert resumed with the string quartet. They gave a neat, competent performance, Mark judged, but it didn’t sparkle; the communication with the audience wasn’t quite there. They left the stage to polite rather than enthusiastic applause. It was the moment that Mark had been waiting for. ‘Mo’ Better Blues’, a short, simple tune at slow-medium tempo, is a superb vehicle for a good soloist backed by a solid rhythm section. Played by mediocre musicians, however, it can sound ordinary to the point of being dull. He wondered how these guys would get on. They began with six choruses of the tune. Mark was immediately impressed. They kept it simple, playing with a beautifully laid-back feel which suited the tune perfectly. They moved into a tenor sax solo. Initially, they kept it very sparse, with the guitar and trumpet laying out. As the solo built, they came back in, riffing quietly behind the soloist. Mark was well into it. The boys could all play and were doing an excellent job. The tenor player brought his solo to an impassioned climax before giving way to the trumpeter, a cute young teen who had caught Mark’s eye the moment he’d stepped onto the stage. The pattern was repeated. The boy was an excellent soloist for his age, Mark considered, and very easy on the eye, even in his school uniform. As the trumpet solo came to an end, Ryan switched to the overdrive channel of his amplifier, clicked on his recently acquired compressor unit and adjusted the controls on his guitar. He began quietly as his colleagues had, playing lyrical bluesy phrases. As the horn players joined in, he gradually he built it up, slowly edging up the volume control until he was absolutely steaming, the compressor making every single note ring out. He finished with a stunning blues scale right down the fretboard before handing over to the pianist. Mark was ecstatic. It was quite simply the best solo Ryan had ever played and his sound had been breathtaking. Still not quite thirteen, the boy had all the makings of a phenomenal player. After the young bi fuck piano solo, they reprised the tune a further four times before bringing the performance to an end. They received rapturous applause, especially from the boys gathered near the front. The jazz sextet was quickly subsumed into the school band. A stomping opener was followed by a ballad, with two more up-tempo tunes bringing the concert to a conclusion. It was a swinging, authoritative performance featuring solos from several boys, Ryan and the two horn players from the sextet leading the way. With the concert at an end, Mark went to help Ryan break down his equipment ready for the journey home. He was more than satisfied. On the basis of that performance, Ryan would be able to slot into the Midlands Youth Jazz Orchestra whenever the guitar seat became available. That would bring him into contact with more outstanding young players, further advancing his development. “Your solo with the sextet was outstanding,” he congratulated. “That’s your best yet.” “I cheated at the end there,” Ryan confessed. “I’d practised that scale I played.” “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that,” Mark said, smiling. “I doubt whether anyone noticed; I certainly didn’t. And young stuff it was excellent technique.” “Thanks!” Ryan said. I was impressed with the trumpeter too,” Mark added. “Yeah, Matt’s in year ten,” Ryan said casually. “Oh, he looks younger than that,” Mark commented. Ryan grinned; he knew exactly what Mark was thinking. They carried the stuff out to the car. It had been a great way to end the school year, and in just a few days they’d be off to summer school again. 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 With chairs set out for the concert, the Newton Valley Theatre Hall looked quite different from the way it had appeared for the gig the previous Friday. After meeting in the foyer, Kate, Chris, Tommy and Karen went inside. They selected seats somewhat to the left of the centre aisle, six rows back, where they had a good view of the piano. Josh was involved right from naked young nymphs the start, accompanying Damian’s cello solo. He did it beautifully, always there but never obtrusive. A little later he was back, accompanying a girl from Year Twelve playing the clarinet. Once again he played flawlessly. The first half was closed by the Gospel Choir, with Michelle Hanson taking lead vocals and Josh playing piano. They gave a barn-storming performance, which had the whole audience tapping their feet. Josh’s only knowledge of gospel music was what he’d picked up while working with Mark and Ryan, so accompanying a choir made up mainly of black kids, most of whom were considerably older than he young dreams was, must have been a daunting prospect. But he carried it off in style, his feel for the music quite remarkable. The second half opened with two pieces from the string quartet in which Damian played cello. Finally, it was time for Josh’s solo feature, Debussy’s Arabesque number 2 in G, one of the pieces he’d played for his grade eight examination and very much his favourite. As he strode onto the stage, he saw Tommy sitting next to Chris. He was smiling. Josh smiled back. “This is for us,” he told himself. Kate was somewhat apprehensive, remembering Josh’s somewhat mechanical rendition of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata two years before. But this was a total contrast, a performance full of life and vitality which leapt out at the audience from the very first bar. At the end, there were two seconds of complete silence before the audience broke into enthusiastic applause. Josh stood up from the piano stool, bowing to the audience. He was on cloud nine; he had totally nailed it. Karen turned to Kate, who was sitting next to her. “I’m not educated in music,” she said, “But I know how good that was. You must be very proud of him.” Kate had a lump in her throat. All the work, all the times when she’s been there to give encouragement when Chris, having invested in the piano, had left her to get on with it, were coming to fruition. Josh, her baby, had given the performance of his life. She glanced to her right. Tommy, sitting on the far side of Chris, was wiping away a tear. The penny finally dropped; he was part of this too. His friendship with Josh wasn’t a one-way street, as she’d so often thought of it. Over the previous eighteen months, young sex portal his support for Josh’s playing had been just as important as hers. 0 o 0 o 0 o xxx young movies 0 The first day of summer school was at an end. Mark and Ryan headed back to Mark’s room, stretching out on the bed. “Had a good day?” Mark asked. “I see that the young sax-player is here again, you know, the kid you got it on with last year. You greeted each other like long-lost brothers.” “You mean Bobby?” Ryan responded, grinning form ear to ear. “Man, it was wicked, russian boys young seeing him again!” “I noticed you hid yourselves young angel pics away before dinner,” Mark commented. “Did you have a nice time?” “Yeah, awesome!” Ryan said, grinning. “His cock’s still smaller than mine, but he’s got erotic stories young pubic hair now.” “Oh, don’t worry about that,” Mark encouraged. “You’ll get yours soon enough. So did you . . . ?” “Nah!” Ryan said, still smiling. “It would have been too much of a rush; we’re gonna save that till tomorrow. We just sucked each other off. Bobby was saying that last year his boyfriend gave him a hard time, you know, for having been with someone else.” “Really?” Mark queried. “How did he know?” “I guess Bobby went home knowing quite a bit more than he had when he came here,” Ryan said, smirking. “And I did fuck him just before he went back. But it’s cool; Bobby’s told him that I won’t be here this year.” “Oh, I see,” Mark said thoughtfully. He licked his lips. He wasn’t at all sure how he’d go about it, and he certainly didn’t want to upset things with Ryan, but getting his cock into the delightful Bobby’s cute little bum would be the ultimate bonus. It was definitely something for him to work on. “Sounds like the boyfriend is young gay porn keener on their relationship than Bobby is,” he suggested, “but that’s not our problem; we’ve got quite enough to deal with.” “Peter’s done really well, hasn’t he?” Ryan ventured, changing the subject. “Yeah,” Mark agreed, “Far better than I thought he would. I guess that shows what a bit of support and encouragement can free young whores achieve. I do have a confession to make though.” “You’ve . . . , you know.” Ryan enquired, grinning mischievously. “Yeah,” Mark admitted, “but it was his idea, and after he’d done so well I could hardly say no.” “I thought he was supposed to be straight?” Ryan questioned. “That’s what I said,” Mark countered, laughing, “but he’s not getting any with his new girlfriend and he said he wanted to do it. Who am I to argue?” “Perv!” Ryan accused, a big smile on his face. “So what’s the score with Josh and Tommy these days?” Mark asked. “I know they’re still together, but their parents must know what was going on.” “Yeah,” Ryan said. youngest beauty tgp “Josh’s mum said they could still be friends as long as they didn’t have sex, but his dad had a quiet word, you know, told them it was okay to mess about provided they don’t fuck and they young teen hentai don’t get caught.” “I agree with not getting young latina caught,” Mark said doubtfully, “but I’m not too sure about the other thing. Are they sticking to that?” “Josh says they are,” Ryan answered, “but I doubt it. They both like doing it too much.” He paused. “I can’t believe Josh has got interested in cricket; that is well weird!” “I guess he goes along because Tommy’s playing,” Mark suggested. “Yeah, but that’s the thing,” Ryan said animatedly. “He doesn’t just go and watch; he keeps the score for them.” “But that’s Josh, isn’t it?” Mark ventured. “I’m not sure he’d be happy just going and watching anything; he has to get involved. But I’m pleased they haven’t ilttle young girles been split up; Josh and Tommy are good for each other.” “Like me and Ashley?” Ryan asked. “Yeah, very much so,” Mark confirmed. “So what will you be doing with the rest of your holiday?” “Hanging out with Ashley,” Ryan said. “They’re not going anywhere this year. I’ll be doing some playing with Josh, of course, and I think Matt’s going to come along sometimes, yeah? He doesn’t live far.” “Sounds great,” Mark said quietly, picturing the scene of Josh and Ryan jamming with the cute young trumpet player. He snuggled closer, running his hand over Ryan’s erect penis. “So what d’you want now, you horny boy?” he whispered. “You know what I want,” Ryan told him, “and I want it hard!” 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 Sorting out their summer holiday had set Chris and Kate something of a problem. young german nudists As an economy measure, they’d rented a villa on Spain’s Costa Blanca from one of Chris’s business associates, costing them a fraction of what they usually spent. Although beach holidays weren’t really their thing, within easy driving distance there were plenty of places for them to explore, where long, Mediterranean-style lunches could be enjoyed. The question was who they were going to take with them. Josh was definitely too old to be dragged round with them the whole time, but given the history, leaving him on his own in a busy holiday resort was out of the question. They would have invited Ryan, but they would be setting off while he was at summer school, so that wouldn’t work. Kate was reluctant to invite Tommy, much as she liked him. Leaving him and Josh alone with time on their hands would have been inviting trouble. It was Chris who came up with the solution. They’d invite Tommy and Daniel. Chris and Kate had both been impressed by how protective Tommy was of very young teenz his younger brother. They were certain that he wouldn’t do anything untoward with Daniel around, and agreed that Tommy and Daniel would share the twin-bedded room, with Josh sleeping in a room by himself. As Chris saw the situation, although Daniel’s presence might not totally preclude a little ‘messing about’ between Josh and Tommy, it would severely inhibit it. And so the arrangements were made. Karen would give the boys their pocket money. Chris and Kate paid for the flights, which, with Chris making full use of his contacts, was not a large sum, and they helped out with the boys’ passports. It would be a wonderful opportunity for Tommy and Daniel who’d never been abroad before. They travelled to Spain on the young hairy men first Friday of the school holiday, arriving at the villa in the late afternoon. By the time they had got themselves sorted out, had something to eat and explored the area a little, they were all tired and retired to the villa. The following day, after a leisurely breakfast, Chris and the boys played on the beach for a couple of hours while Kate stretched out on a lounger, reading and relaxing. She was pleased to see them enjoying themselves, and especially pleased to see Josh actively involved. He seemed to have grown closer to Chris than he’d ever been. As midday approached, they headed back indoors for a light lunch and a rest. Even the boys agreed it was too hot to be outside. free young teenpics Later in the afternoon it was back to the beach for more games, returning to the villa to clean up before heading out for dinner. Afterwards, they spent an hour exploring the town before finally calling it a day. Typically for kids of that age, the boys were in no hurry to go to bed, and with no pressure on them to get up early; they were left to it, Chris and Kate sitting quietly in the lounge room, sharing a bottle of wine. When they finally did go to bed, they were all completely spent. The pattern was pretty much repeated on the Sunday. Josh and Tommy were getting very frustrated; sex young teen they’d expected to have at least some time to themselves, young abs but it simply hadn’t worked out. And it didn’t seem likely that it would work out the following day either. Although Chris and Kate were going to be out all day, they’d made it perfectly clear: Daniel was not to be left on his own. It was an instruction that Tommy would not disobey. It seemed that they might spend two weeks in very close proximity without ever getting to do anything. It was not a prospect that either of them relished. Tommy, however, had an idea. “Your mum and dad like to stay up late,” he postulated, “drinking wine and chatting, yeah?” “Oh yeah!” Josh confirmed. “It’s their time. They never get chance to do that at home.” “So they never get up that early,” Tommy continued. “Never surface before eight o’clock when we’re on holiday,” Josh told him. “It’s like it’s against their religion.” “So when we get back this evening,” Tommy suggested. “Why don’t we leave them to it; go to bed early. Then tomorrow morning I’ll come to your room, between half past five and six, yeah? Your room’s ideal cause it’s away from the others.” “What about Daniel?” Josh asked. “He’ll still be fast asleep,” Tommy said confidently. “I pretty well had to drag him out of bed this morning. He’s the same getting up for school. But I’ll check to make sure, yeah?” “Sounds good to me!” Josh said, smirking. And it did sound good; they finally had a plan. 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 “Okay lads,” Tommy announced, “time we were off to bed; I’m knackered.” He shepherded Daniel out of the room, Josh following behind. “It seems we’ve finally tired them out,” Chris said, smiling. He was a little surprised; it was only ten past ten and they had not long returned from their evening stroll around the town, but he certainly wasn’t complaining. He opened a bottle of wine, pouring a glass for himself and one for Kate. “Cheers!” he said quietly, snuggling up next to her on the sofa. Josh had got it exactly right; this was a very special time for them, sitting up until after midnight, drinking and chatting, just as they had in the days before Josh was born. It was already light when Tommy awoke. He checked his watch; twenty five past five, absolutely perfect. He slipped noiselessly out of bed. Taking a clean tee-shirt from his bag, he moved across to the other bed. Daniel was dead to the world. Tommy padded silently out of the room, closing the door behind him, and made his way to the bathroom. After a pee and a quick wash, he slipped on the tee-shirt he headed for Josh’s room, quietly opening the door and letting himself in. Josh appeared to be asleep. Tommy knelt down next to him, holding him by the shoulder to gently shake him awake. Josh opened an eye and young archived nude smiled. “What time is it?” he whispered. “Twenty five to six,” Tommy said. “Come on then,” Josh said, throwing back the covers. Tommy pulled off his tee-shirt and slid into bed next to him. He reached down, running his hand over the front of Josh’s briefs. “Man, you are so hard!” he breathed. “Yeah!” Josh responded, drawing Tommy towards him. “I’ve been waiting for this!” “Will you need the loo?” Tommy asked. “Nah,” Josh said brightly, “I’ll be fine!” They kissed passionately. Underwear was discarded. They snuggled even closer, cocks grinding together. At last they broke apart, moving effortlessly into a sixty nine. After several days of enforced abstinence, there was no holding back. Within a couple of minutes they each ejaculated in the other’s mouth, sucking and swallowing until they’d taken all that their partner had to give. They gently let each other go, snuggling up again. “That was wicked!” Josh whispered, looking straight into Tommy’s eyes. “Man!” Tommy responded. “I needed that so much! You’re the best!” He placed his lips over Josh’s. They kissed gently, sensuously, basking in the wonderful afterglow. Finally Tommy checked his watch. It was ten past six. “I’d better go,” he breathed. He pulled on his boxers and tee-shirt, quickly making his way back to the shared bedroom. He smiled. Daniel was still fast asleep; the plan had worked perfectly. He took off his tee-shirt and climbed back into bed. 0 o 0 o young porn anal 0 o 0 Josh porn boys young and Tommy’s day passed off much as expected. Even though Chris and Kate had left them in charge, the imperative was quite clear: Daniel was to stay with them and they with him. Though the temptation for further sexual contact was there, the opportunity wasn’t; youngest fucking couples Tommy was adamant that they weren’t to do anything with Daniel around. But they were happy enough; their morning liaison had gone perfectly free young tgps and they could see no reason why it couldn’t be repeated on a daily basis. They could certainly live with that. 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 The next morning, young petite blonde Josh was already awake when Tommy arrived. “Just a mo,” he said quietly as Tommy slipped in next to him. “This time I do need a pee.” He hurried out of the room, returning a couple of minutes later. He climbed into Tommy’s waiting arms, allowing himself to be drawn into a wonderful lip-lock. He was in heaven; being with Tommy was the best feeling in the world. They kissed, they fondled, their hands going everywhere. “D’you want me to give you that special present again?” Tommy whispered, sliding his finger between Josh’s bum-cheeks. “I thought you’d never ask!” Josh replied, giving Tommy his most beautiful smile. He retrieved the tube of KY from its hiding place, handing it over. Moments later, Tommy’s well-lubed finger was sliding into his anus. After some gentle stimulation, a second one was inserted, the two fingers twisting around as they slid in and out. Before long he was ready. He rolled into his favoured position, lying on his tummy, a pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart; it just felt so awesome when they did it like this. Within a few seconds, Tommy was right inside him, his thick six inch cock pumping in and out. Josh moaned with pleasure. Absolutely nothing could feel as good as this did; it was the perfect fuck. 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 The following day, it was a little later when Tommy strolled back to the bedroom he shared with Daniel. He was feeling very pleased with life; he and Josh had just had another session of mind-blowing sex. After pulling off his tee-shirt, Dominican gay young he got into bed without even looking at his brother. “Where have you been?” Daniel squeaked. “Just having a piss,” Tommy said casually. “No you haven’t,” Daniel asserted. “You’ve been gone for ages.” “So?” Tommy countered. “You were in Josh’s room, doing stuff,” Daniel continued. “Daniel, what are you talking about?” Tommy asked, trying desperately to bat off the accusation. “You know, sex stuff,” Daniel said. The colour drained from Tommy’ face. Daniel knew where he’d been and what they’d been doing. He didn’t know what to say. “I know young girls sex you have,” Daniel went on. “I heard you.” Tommy swallowed hard. He couldn’t possibly have heard from their bedroom He must have gone looking; he could have been outside Josh’s door right when they were in the middle of it. “So how d’you know about sex stuff?” he demanded. “Well, remember those questions the social worker asked me?” Daniel said. “Then I heard two of the boys talking, so I asked them about it. They said I should speak to you cause Frank had been doin’ stuff with you for ages.” Murderous thoughts flashed through Tommy’s brain, but it was too late; the damage had been done. “So would you like to do sex stuff with me?” Daniel asked. “No way!” Tommy responded. “Why not?” Daniel queried. “You like doing it with Josh.” “Daniel,” young schoolgirl panties Tommy said firmly. “You’re only ten; you shouldn’t even be thinking about it yet.” “Well I am!” Daniel shot back. 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 With Chris and Daniel engaged in a good-natured beach wrestling match, Tommy called Josh to one side. “We’re going to have to leave it tomorrow morning,” he warned. “When I got back, Daniel was awake. He wanted to know where I’d been.” “No problem, I hope,” Josh said. “Nah, it’ll be cool,” Tommy said casually. “Give it a day or two; he’ll forget about it.” “Fair enough,” Josh agreed, shrugging. But much as he wanted to believe his boyfriend’s assurances, he couldn’t help harbouring the suspicion that there was young tgps more to it than Tommy was saying. 0 o 0 hot young teachers o 0 o 0 Tommy woke at much the same time as he had for the previous few days. After going to the bathroom for a piss, he returned to bed. It was very frustrating; he wanted to be with Josh and Josh wanted to be with him, but he’d need to get Daniel sorted out before they could do that again. After a few minutes, he began to doze off. He awoke with a start, suddenly aware that he was not alone. He turned over to find Daniel lying next to him, grinning mischievously. “What are you doing here?” he demanded. “I wanted to be with you,” Daniel said. He placed his hand on Tommy’s erect penis. “You’re hard!” he declared. “Daniel!” Tommy exploded. Daniel withdrew his hand. young nudists florida “You’re not angry with me, are you?” he asked nervously. “No, I’m not angry with you,” Tommy said gently, putting an arm around Daniel’s shoulder. “It’s just that you shouldn’t touch a guy’s dick, well, not unless he says you can.” “So don’t you want to do that with me?” Daniel asked asia young porn plaintively. “You like doing it with Josh.” “I told you,” Tommy said firmly. “You’re too young. You shouldn’t even be thinking about this stuff yet.” “You don’t like me!” Daniel said accusingly. “Of course I like you!” Tommy responded. “You’re my brother, man! But have you any idea how much shit I’d be in if anyone found out? Is that what you want?” “Please, Tommy,” Daniel persisted. “I won’t tell anybody, I promise!” Tommy looked across. Daniel was looking at him with puppy-dog eyes, the same eyes that their mum so often succumbed to. But it wasn’t just that; Daniel’s presence in his bed was making him so horny he couldn’t think straight. “Oh, okay!” he conceded. “I must be mad!” He reached across, putting his fingers into the waistband of Daniel’s boxer briefs. “But first we’d better get these off!” Daniel raised his hips, allowing Tommy to skin them down his legs. He kicked them off. “Got to get yours off now!” he gasped excitedly, tugging urgently at Tommy’s shorts. Very carefully, Tommy wrapped his fingers around Daniel’s stiff penis, uncut like his own, and at a little over three inches, quite respectable for a ten year old. “That feels wicked!” Daniel young blonde cheerleaders breathed, quickly returning the favour. “Yours is big, isn’t it?” Tommy’s head was spinning. He’d told himself that this was never going to happen; he was determined that Daniel wouldn’t have to go through the sort of experiences that he’d had at that age, but here they were, naked in bed together, feeling each other up. But the warmth of Daniel’s body, the younger boy’s smooth, creamy skin pressed against his own, the slightly musky aroma filling his nostrils, overcame any doubts he might have had. This was what Daniel wanted, what they both wanted. There was something he had to do. He scooted down the bed, closing his lips over Daniel’s slim penis. He began to suck, his fingers gently stroking his brother’s perineum. “Oh, Tommeee!” Daniel gasped, hardly able to breathe. “Oh yes!” Without any warning, Daniel’s body tensed, gripped by crazy muscle spasms. “Tommee!” he squeaked. “I’m gonna pee!” Tommy sucked even harder, Daniel’s hard spike swelling and pulsing in his mouth. After a few seconds, Daniel sank back onto the bed, his eyes glazed over, staring at the ceiling. Tommy gently let him go, looking across and smiling. “Man!” Daniel gasped, still struggling for air. “That was awesome!” He lay there for several seconds, not moving sexe young nude a muscle. “My turn now!” he announced suddenly, turning towards Tommy. Before Tommy could stop him, his cock was in his brother’s mouth, Daniel sucking it eagerly. Tommy moaned quietly, running his fingers through Daniel’s hair, hardly able to believe how good it felt. He began to feel himself getting close. “Daniel,” he warned, “I’m gonna . . .” He was too late, his semen exploding into Daniel’s mouth. He was horrified; he certainly hadn’t intended that to happen. “You okay, bruv?” he asked anxiously. “Yeah!” Daniel responded, grinning and licking his lips. “That was spunk, wasn’t it? You taste wicked, man!” “Have you done that before?” Tommy asked, feeling somewhat concerned. “Nah!” Daniel said, still grinning, “but I knew about it from what the boys at the kids’ home said.” They lay together for several minutes, Tommy’s arm around Daniel’s shoulder, perfectly at peace. “Tommy,” Daniel asked. “Would you fuck me?” “No way!” Tommy responded. “I’m too big; I’d hurt you!” “You do it to Josh,” Daniel countered. “Yeah, but he’s used to it,” Tommy said, concluding that Daniel must have been listening outside the door. Daniel looked puzzled. “We’ve been doing it for ages,” Tommy explained. “I wasn’t that big back when we started. He’d done it before in any case.” “Who with?” Daniel enquired. “Daniel, don’t be nosey!” Tommy said, laughing. “It’s none of your business!” They fell silent again, the wheels turning in Daniel’s brain. “So is Josh’s dick as young horny innocent big as yours?” he asked. “No, why?” Tommy asked. “So would he do it for me?” Daniel probed. “I don’t know!” Tommy retorted, becoming a little irritated by his brother’s persistence. “Would you ask him for me?” Daniel requested. “Ask him yourself!” Tommy shot back, not even thinking about it. “Just don’t say anything when his mum and dad are around.” “It’s okay,” Daniel said huffily. “I’m not stupid!” Tommy lay back, trying to relax. He loved Daniel to bits, but the boy could be quite impossible at times. Telling him to ask Josh was a mistake, but it probably wouldn’t matter. Daniel didn’t know Josh very well and was unlikely to follow through on it. Even if he did, he was sure that Josh would turn him down. “So are we cool?” he asked. “Yeah, course we young schoolgirl are!” Daniel confirmed. 0 o 0 o 0 o 0 After breakfast, Chris and Kate set off on another of their trips, promising to be back by the late afternoon. Josh, Tommy and Daniel headed for the beach. After playing for almost two hours, they were all tired. The sun was blazing down; it was time to go. They trudged back to the villa. “I’m havin’ a shower,” Tommy announced, strolling into the shared bedroom, “I’m sweatin’ like a pig!” He pulled off his tee-shirt, grabbed a towel and disappeared towards the bathroom. Josh was lying on his bed when Daniel walked in, dressed just in a pair of black gym shorts. “Hi,” Josh said brightly. “What can I do for you?” “Would you help me out?” Daniel asked cryptically. “Sorry, what d’you mean?” Josh enquired. “You know,” Daniel said nervously, “help me out like you help Tommy out.” Josh was caught completely on the hop; he hadn’t expected Daniel to ask him to do anything like that. “I don’t think Tommy would be too happy with me messing about with his kid brother,” he cautioned. “No, it’s okay,” Daniel assured him. “He said to ask you.” Josh swallowed hard, weighing up what to do. All the boys he’d been with had been bigger than him, and apart from Ryan, older too. He’d never even considered going with a kid Daniel’s age. On the other hand, the boy very cute, and judging by the bulge in his shorts, he was definitely up for it. If Tommy had said it was okay, well why not? “Close the young girl thong door,” he said quietly. Daniel did as he was asked. Josh sat up swinging his feet onto the floor. Daniel moved across to stand in front of him. Josh reached up, pulling So young kim down Daniel’s shorts. The boy’s penis caught in the waistband, pinging up against his tummy as the shorts came down his legs. Josh studied it intently, with its little nozzle of foreskin protruding beyond the head and the pair of firm, round balls young black girl directly beneath. It didn’t seem long since his had looked like that. He leaned forwards, taking it into his mouth. He sucked it steadily, running his young snatch tongue all over. It tasted exquisite, reminding him of the first time he’d sucked Ryan. After a few seconds he let it go. He looked up, licking his lips. “Was that okay?” he asked. “Yeah, wicked!” Daniel confirmed. “Can I see yours now?” Josh quickly stripped naked. They snuggled up on the bed. “So have you done this with Tommy?” Josh asked. “Yeah,” Daniel said, grinning. “We did it this morning, you know, before anyone